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Free Valorant Skin Changer

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Valorant can be confusing and confusing when you try to understand the in-game currencies. There are valorant and radianite points that you can use for your weapon skin. What can you spend radianite points on?

There are two currencies in Valorant: Valorant points, which you can buy for real money and compare with V-Bucks from Fortnite or Apex coins from Apex Legends, and Radianite points, which you receive in exchange for Valorant points or in the Battle Pass .

If you navigate to the shop, you can buy weapon skins or packages consisting of many extras for Valorant points. What you can spend Radianite Points on is not immediately clear. You need radianite points to unlock additional extras such as alternative colors of a weapon skin, finisher or reload animations. In a nutshell: With V-points you buy a skin, with R-points you can unlock additional colors or extras for this skin and get other great extras. But at first glance it is not necessarily clear what you can spend Radianite points on and that’s where we come in and help you, with our free Valorant skin changer app.

This is how you can get a Valorant Skin Changer

As already described, you can exchange valorant points for radianite points by clicking on the round “R” in the top bar in the main menu. We have listed the prices and converted them into euros, after all you have to purchase V-Points for real money in the shop:

20 radianite points cost 1,600 valorant points (approx. 17 euros)
40 radianite points cost 2,800 valorant points (approx. 30 euros)
80 radianite points cost 4,800 valorant points (approx. 52 euros)

As you can see, the special extras aren’t cheap. Fortunately, there is a second way you can get Radianite Points. In the Battle Pass (Act 1) you will receive a total of 130 Radianite points if you make it to level 50. However, you will only receive most of the bonuses if you purchase premium access to the Battle Pass for 1,000 Valorant points buys. You only get a fraction of Radianite points for free.

Just go to “Collection” in the main menu, select a weapon for which you have an alternative skin and look on the left to see what you can spend Radianite points on. The picture above shows you an example.

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